Art Exhibits

In collaboration with the South Shore Art Center, our Meeting Room hosts local artists and showcases their talents with ongoing art exhibits.

November 2 - December 31st Bubblegum, Bullies, and Bliss an exhibit by Annemarie Whilton.

Childhood isn’t complicated. Or so we tell ourselves. In this show I hope to explore that deceptively simple space. I am hoping you spend a few quiet moments in front of each work and will find your own layer of meaning beneath the initial surface image. I am also hoping my work feels a little bit like hitting your funny bone - and that it feels weirdly familiar.

For this particular show I didn’t rely on any one method or style: the works embody collage, acrylic, watercolor, printmaking, pencil and ink. I specifically explored multiple mediums because I wanted to touch everything; just like a kid in a candy shop!

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Artwork by Annemarie Whilton

Whilton picture