Meeting Room and Study Room Use Policy

The Paul Pratt Memorial Library (the “Library”) has five meeting and study rooms available for public use. Meeting Rooms include the Large Meeting Room (which accommodates up to 60 persons), the Story Room (which accommodates up to 30 persons) and the Historical Room (which accommodates up to 15 persons). Study Rooms include Study Rooms A and B (each accommodating up to 6 persons). By order of the Cohasset Fire Department, no rooms shall be used for more than the number of persons allowed as designated above. 

General Policy 

1. Rooms may be reserved using the link below, free of charge, by any patron in possession of a Cohasset Library Card (“User”). The User must enter a Library Card number at the time of booking. Any patron may obtain a valid Cohasset Library Card in person at the Library’s Circulation Desk at no cost.

2. Space will be held for Users only up to 10 minutes after the start of the reserved time if there is demand for the reserved space from other library patrons at that time. 

3. The Library strongly encourages Users to make a donation to the Friends of the Cohasset Library at or around the time of their reservation or event. Checks payable to “The Friends of the Cohasset Library” may be dropped off at the Library’s Circulation Desk or mailed to 35 Ripley Road, Cohasset MA 02025. Donations may also be made online by contributing to the Friends’ PayPal account at

4. Study Rooms, the Story Room and the Historical Room may not be occupied when the Library is closed. However, the Large Meeting Room may be reserved and occupied when the library is closed. 

5. The Paul Pratt Memorial Library supports Article VI of the Library Bill of Rights, which states that “Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.” 

6. Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult at least 18 years of age. At least one adult must be present when youth groups use the meeting rooms. 

7. Meeting room activities must not interfere with or disturb other Library patrons. Music and other noise must be kept to a level acceptable to the Library. 

8. The Library assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items brought into a Library meeting room. 

9. Any and all Users agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Library, its Board of Trustees and the Town of Cohasset and its officials for any and all liability which may arise from the use of the premises. 

10. All Town of Cohasset ordinances, including fire code, Library policies, and posted room capacities must be strictly observed by all Users. 

11. The Library will rescind the meeting room use privileges of any organization or individual who fails to comply with this Policy and its regulations. 

12. The Library Director shall have the final decision on any meeting room use application and reserves the right to review, accept or reject any and all applications for meeting room use, subject to appeal to the Board of Trustees. 

Meeting Rooms 

(Large Meeting Room/Historical Room/Story Room) 

13. Private, for-profit businesses may reserve and use the Meeting Room, however such parties may not, under any circumstances, collect fees, charge attendees for admission or sell items during such meetings. The sole exception will be in the case of Library-hosted “book launchings” or equivalent events (as determined in the sole discretion of the Library Director), during which the guest authors, artists or musicians may sell copies of their work upon the Library Director’s approval. 

14. Users may reserve a meeting room once per month, or more frequently if they receive permission from the Library Director or the Board of Library Trustees. 

15. Any Meeting Room reservation includes the use of chairs, tables and audiovisual equipment. 

16. Users wishing to use furnishings such as tables and chairs are responsible for arranging the furnishings to meet their needs and must return them to the storage closets directly following all meetings. 

17. Nothing may be attached to the walls inside or outside of the library. 

18. Refreshments in Meeting Rooms are permitted only if permission is granted by the Library Director and/or the Board of Library Trustees. 

19. Alcohol may not be served. 

20. Users are required to leave the reserved room(s) and other, related facilities including bathrooms, as they were found, otherwise a cleaning fee may be charged. 

Study Rooms 

(Study Room A/Study Room B) 

21. Study Rooms may be booked on a same-day basis for up to 2 hours per day. 

22. Study Rooms are only available during the library’s operating hours and Users may be asked to vacate the Study Room at any time within 15 minutes of the Library’s closing time for that day.

 Adopted March 12, 2003, and revised January 14, 2004, April 20, 2005, November 14, 2007, October 14, 2010 and November 12, 2019 by the Paul Pratt Memorial Board of Trustees.