Safe Child Policy

The Paul Pratt Memorial Library proudly emphasizes the importance of providing a safe and welcoming environment for children of all ages. Understanding that the Paul Pratt Memorial Library is a public building and the staff is not responsible for the supervision of the children in the library, the following policy resides:

  • Children in 1st Grade and below need to remain in the direct eyesight of the caregiver that accompanied them to the library. A caregiver can be anyone in 6th Grade or above. 

  • Children in 2nd Grade may explore the library as long as their caregiver is in the building.

  • Children in 3rd Grade and older are welcome to visit us without a caregiver.  However, the child must know how to reach the responsible adult should this need arise, e.g., sudden building closure due to inclement weather or power outage.

Should a violation of our Safe Child Policy occur, library staff will make every effort to find the child’s caregiver in the building or make necessary phone calls. In the event that the child’s caregiver cannot be located, library staff will notify Cohasset Police, who will assume responsibility for the child. 

Children must be picked up prior to closing. The library staff is not responsible for supervising children left alone when the library is closed but will make responsible attempts to reach a parent or caregiver for immediate pick-up. If staff members cannot reach a parent or caregiver within one-half hour of closing, they will notify the Cohasset Police, who will assume responsibility for the child.

Adopted by the Trustees of the Paul Pratt Memorial Library, July 14, 2004, Revised February 8, 2023.