Cohasset Library Trust

About the Trust

The Cohasset Library Trust, Inc. was established in 2006 to preserve and increase the endowment of the Paul Pratt Memorial Library. The elected trustees of the Library created this nonprofit 501c(3) corporation with a town meeting vote and enabling state legislation. The Trust has a Board of Directors which are appointed by elected library trustees.

Mission Statement

(Draft) The Cohasset Library Trust seeks to provide a reliable stream of income for the Paul Pratt Memorial Library’s content and materials procurement. The Trust seeks to preserve capital, grow income within prudent investment parameters, and grow the endowment through community development efforts. 

Members of the Cohasset Library Trust

  • Barbara Wipf, President
  • Carolyn Coffey, Secretary
  • Paula Linhares, Treasurer
  • Catherine O'Callaghan, Nominating Chair
  • Jen Ognibene, Development Chair
  • Ronnie McMorris
  • Tom Littauer
  • Mark Toomey
Cohasset Library Trust, Inc.

Support the Trust

The Cohasset Library Trust welcomes donations of any size.   Please use the button above to contribute via PayPal or mail a check to the Library:

The Cohasset Library Trust

35 Ripley Road

Cohasset, MA  02025


The Trust is a 501 (c)3 corporation eligible, for matching contributions from many corporations. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.